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19th June 1977 - 13th October 2013 (36 years old).


Herisoa Thierry ANDRIAMIAKATRA, born on June 19th, 1977, died suddenly on October 13th, 2013. He was therefore only 36. Herisoa was a maths teacher in French Guyana. He used to be a faithful servant of the Lord, extremely generous and always ready to offer a helping hand. The Headmaster of his High School, his colleagues and his pupils all wish to pay a warm and unanimous tribute to his human, spiritual and intellectual qualities.
We love you and miss you, Herisoa.
You, our beloved son, brother, uncle, cousin and nephew, please rest in peace.




LETTER TO MY LITTLE BROTHER (adapted and translated into English by Rodin "Joujou")

Herisoa, I had the pleasure of practically seeing you born, and to my greatest sadness, I did not see you die.

I had the pleasure of seeing you grow up, of participating in your education, but I did not see you suffer and pass away.

I was proud to see you succeed, proud to see the maths egghead, the highbrow guy as they say nowadays, but I could not stand by your side in hard days.

I've seen you grow up, but I won't be present for your earth burial.

Herisoa, here I am feeling old already, you've just made me feel and get 10 more years.

Go Herisoa, you "El Chou" as your teacher used to call you, say hello to Daddy and Nelly for us, and also to Uncle Louis, whose garden mangoes you were so fond of!

Bye bye, little brother.

Your elder brother Serge and Lanto and Fabien and Michael and Tina who love you.


Note: Uncle Louis, whose real name is Louis Jessu, was a big friend from Reunion Island of our family. He had known my father since the late 50s, and I used to regard him as my second dad.

When Herisoa was a child, he always found a good excuse to come and eat mangoes! Moreover, if you google Serge ANDRIAMIAKATRA + Louis Jessu, you will most likely find a reader's letter published in the Reunion press, it's a letter which I had published on the occasion of Uncle Louis's death .